Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of gigs do The Capitols do?

The Capitols do weddings, balls, cocktail parties, corporate functions, private parties and public gigs.

What sort of music does the band play?

The Capitols are a very versatile band that can play just about anything in the pop/rock/contemporary genre and also have an extensive jazz/lounge music repertoire.

How many in the band?

The Capitols are a four piece band.

Can the band perform with less or more players?

Generally speaking no, but there are occasionally exceptions. [To enquire further about this, best to contact us by telephone or email].

Does the band expect to be fed?

Yes (at private and corporate functions), a standard requirement is a service meal and soft drinks.

How long can the band play for?

The band can play for as short or as long as the client requires, but the client will be charged for a minimum rate of a four hour call for anything shorter than four hours. Typical bookings are for four or five hours. The band was once booked for a ten hour call. Six and seven hour calls are surprisingly common.

What is a four hour call?

This is four hours from the band’s first note to their last note played. The band will arrive approximately one hour before the call time. (If speeches, awards or presentations go for an hour, this time is included in the call time.)

How many “sets” will the band play and how do they do their timing?

This depends upon the timing of the function, e.g. speeches, presentations, etc. If the band were playing at a four hour function without any interruptions, they would typically play four forty-five minute sets. The band will adapt their set times to whatever is required by your schedule.

Can I make song requests?

Yes, you are free to make selections from the band’s repertoire. You are also welcome to request songs NOT to be played.

Can the band learn songs for my function?

The band can learn up to ONE song that is sympathetic to the instrumentation of the band. Please be aware that the song will become “The Capitols” interpretation of the song, and that the song may end up sounding a little different to the original version of the song. If it is important for the client to hear the “original” version of a song, a CD or Ipod can be played through the band’s PA system.

What do you normally play for the bridal waltz?

This is subjective and up to the client- we can cover anything on our repertoire list, or play a client’s CD through our PA system.

Do I need to provide music for breaks when the band is not playing?

No. The band has suitable background music that can be played in breaks.

Can the band set up 2- 3 hours before the function?

Yes, but this incurs extra charges. It is standard for the band to arrive an hour before the call time. If the band is required to arrive more than an hour before the call time, then it is expected that the band is paid for this extra time.

Can we use the band’s PA and microphone for our speeches?

Yes, you are welcome to use the band’s PA and microphone.

Can I meet with The Capitols before my function?

No, although The Capitols are available for as many telephone conversations or emails as the client deems necessary. Our past experience is that there isn’t anything that can’t be worked out over the telephone. Face to face meetings are time consuming, as is driving around Sydney!

Can I, or one of my guests, sing a song with the band?

The band is welcoming of guest singers (as long as they aren’t too drunk)! Please be aware, however, that the band does not rehearse guest singers.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Bank transfer is preferred. Cash is also acceptable. No personal cheques are accepted.

What are the basic terms of booking the band?

Once a booking has been made, you will be sent two copies of a contract. One copy is for you to keep. The other copy is to be signed and returned to the band. Most of the clauses in the contract are common sense items, but please be aware that there is a twenty-one day cancellation clause. This means that if you cancel your booking within twenty-one days of the event, you will be up for the full fee. There is also a non-refundable deposit payable with the return of the contract. Terms of payment is that full payment is to be made either on the day of the performance or else in advance.