Wonderland Single


1. Wonderland (M Cilia/F Howard) 3.30
2. Love Me, Love Me (Cilia/Howard/Howard) 3.43
3. Wondering Why (M Cilia/F Howard) 4.04
4. Love Me (karaoke) (Cilia/Howard/Howard) 3.44

A note on Wonderland

I remember waking up one morning feeling like I had fallen down a rabbit hole and landed in a most curious place. I related to the fantasy Lewis Carroll had created in ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘Through the Looking Glass’.

My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer and we found ourselves trapped & flummoxed amidst medical techno speak, confronting his mortality and endeavouring to accept the random nature of his selection to the world of very sick people.

With a diagnosis of terminal or chronic illness, the world of the patient and their family turns quickly into an altered state, removed and nebulous. The song has been described as trippy in its mood and that is precisely how I have found this journey to be. It is a constant Mad Hatter’s tea party where nothing at all makes much sense.

My father continues his battle daily. May the song strike accord with families, friends, loved ones and those cancer patients and very sick people undergoing treatment. May the sufferers know they do not travel alone, but take their loved ones with them.

“Wonderland has a curious view but don’t be fooled
There’s room for two in Alice’s Wonderland”

Thank you to ‘The Capitols’ for giving this song its life.

Produced by Martin Cilia
Backing vocals by Stewart Peters
Recorded by Jeff Cripps at A Sharp Studio
Mastered by Don Bartley at Benchmark
Artwork & photography by Mandy Hall at Mandy Hall Media